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KCWC - Day 6: A T-Shirt Refashion

When I was brainstorming ideas for the KCWC, the first thing I knew I was going to make was a t-shirt-to-dress refashion that I pinned from Meg's fantastic tutorial board.  I also knew I would save this one for near the end, because it was quick and easy and I might be losing steam.  Not losing steam from sewing.  Oh no - losing steam from my house being overtaken while I sew.  Yes, that is the problem.  By the end of the week, it looked like a tornado blew through and that is no exaggeration.

Using this tutorial, I took a shirt that didn't fit me and turned it into this dress.

I took off one of the sleeves with a seam ripper, unpicked the center seam and made it into the pocket.

In the past, I've had lots of trouble sewing knits, even on my serger.  Following this tutorial, I had no problems at all this time - even without using a walking foot like she suggested. 

A new dress in under an hour.  I'm not gonna argue with that.

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