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Extreme Sports (by Dan)

This was pretty much a perfect weekend in South Central Texas.  Sunny, light breeze, not too hot.  What better time to engage in a game the two older kids made up:  Super Extreme Hopscotch.

Apparently, when there is a barrier to jump over, it goes from normal hopscotch to Super Extreme Hopscotch.  In this case the barrier was a level from the garage.  They're X Games ready.

When Super Extreme Hopscotch got old, they took to the trees. They train year round for this one on the door frames.

My job was pretty easy.  Sit on the lawn chair and and look vigilant.  As evidenced by the cowboy hat, I am fully intexicated.


Iris, though too young for either of the older kids' games, has created her own extreme sport: stair climbing.  Which is only slightly less unnerving than her last extreme sport: putting in her mouth every bit of paper - or nature- left behind by the kids and attempting to swallow it.  At least there are gates for the former.

Tree climbing, hopscotch and baby milestones make for a fun weekend.

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