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2012 Christmas Photo - The Outtakes (by Dan)

Every year, we look forward to getting Christmas cards from friends and family with pictures showing kids growing taller, friends getting married and nieces and nephews starting college. 

The annual Christmas card photo shoot at our house is always an adventure as we chase the elusive everyone-is-smiling-and-looking-in-the-same-direction picture.   We started with fresh hair cuts and cute twists for Evie, shiny shoes, and a new dress for Iris that Rachel made (I keep telling her she needs to go pro). 

Here is an illustrated guide for your own Christmas card photo session adventure, along with the lessons we relearn each year.

One:  Let them get the sillies out early and often.

Second, remember crying is part of the event.  You can go from silly to sad with the simple addition of one child to the picture.

Third:  A different location does absolutly nothing to increase the odds that you will have all four kids looking in the same direction, at the same time.


Four:  When you relent and decide you'll get the "big kids" in one picture and the baby in another, even that won't work.  One child might slouch, for example, making it appear as if he has an abnormally short torso.


Five:  Try having them stand up.  Maybe Photoshop a pitchfork and a broom into their hands and go for that really dour American Gothic look, ala Grant Wood.

Six:  You'll get close.  So close you can almost taste's one move.  Big smile, noooooo not that kind of smile!

And so you will continue, snapping pictures, catching the occasional adorable candid shot.

Interlaced with more cute mischief.

And eventually, you will get "the shot".  But you'll have to wait for Christmas to see ours.  Otherwise you won't open our card if you've already seen the finished product.


  1. I am rolling in laughter-HILARIOUS!

  2. These are great! I especially love that last one! Thanks for the morning laugh!!

  3. These made me laugh out loud. Your family is adorable!

  4. That cracked me up. M was looking at it with me. He didn't get why I thought it was so funny, but his favorite picture was the first one. ;-) Love the outfits, Evie's twists, and Indigo's headband! You have beautiful kids!

  5. I love this! So freaking funny. Family portraits - it's like herding cats!!!

    1. indeed! you can either lose your mind or laugh. i've learned the latter goes better for all involved. but often there's a mix of both! :)



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