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Bigs and Littles (by Dan)

I will sometimes divide our kids into two groups when I'm talking to Rachel.  It goes something like this -  "Hey babe, I'm running to the grocery store. I've got Littles with me,"  or  "Hon, the Bigs say they want to sleep in our room tonight, what do you think?"

However, they all play together so well (and everyone looks out for the baby) that there really is no dividing them into two distinct blocks, the Bigs and Littles.  Nonetheless it is how my male, categorizing brain works.  Here are some shots of our Bigs and Littles that Rachel captured. 

One of Bigs and one of the Littles.

Rachel has an eye for capturing these amazing, candid moments of our kids.  I get to see them in an unfiltered, un-posed way that just melts my heart.

Iris, the Littlest of the Littles, is wearing a dress that Rachel made.  Those things are so dang cute and they last forever.  I'm sure Iris' great granddaughter will wear this some day.

Itty bitty, as I call her, with a lingering, half born tear clinging to her lower lid.  It fascinates me how babies move so fluidly between laughing, crying, quiet and...

laughing again.

And away she scoots.  Chubby legs and all.

Jude had a buddy over on Saturday to round out his birthday celebration.  Bowling was the requested activity, which we did right after his basketball game.  Tonight was BB practice and I get to help coach his team.  He is one of the toughest kids out there.  Takes elbows, shots to the head, balls to the face, shakes it off and keeps going.  I think he is one of only three kids who has not shed a tear all season. 

Nice form buddy!

Happy birthday buddy.  I love you.  I'm proud of the way you love your sisters and your Mom, and the character you have in your heart and soul.  Your shoulders seem to be getting broader each day and I know you will carry the cares and concerns of those you love on those strong, loving shoulders some day.

There was a model at the bowling alley who let me take her picture :)   I can't believe she married me.  Her heart is as beautiful as her face and form. 

And she makes pretty cute babies!


  1. Love you all and I am still so sad to not have you geographically closer!

  2. Aw! Iris looks like her lovely mother. <3

  3. Awww, this was so cute. Rachel, you take the BEST pictures of your kids!


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