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A Mori Dress in Double Gauze

The Mori Dress is a pattern I had wanted to make ever since I saw photos of it floating around Instagram back when it was still in its testing phase.

The pattern is by Heidi from Elegance and Elephants.  She always creates the best patterns!  Her Bohemian Babydoll dress is one of my all-time favorite patterns.  (I've made it three times : here, here, and here.)

Like the Bohemian Babydoll dress, the Mori dress has no back closures.  Heidi is a genius at making this happen while still using a woven fabric!  I love that the dress comes together so quickly, but still packs a lot of 'cute' punch!  This one sews up in just a couple of hours.

I'd definitely recommend sewing the dress according to your child's actual measurements.  The dress has a roomy fit and I was glad I sized down on the overall width, while keeping the length.  This way, the fit was just right.

I had initially planned to sew the entire dress in this pink (but a bit peachy) double gauze. Then I saw some Pendleton wool on Instagram and decided to instead go with a southwest print for the yoke.  This fabric is decidedly not a Pendleton wool - it was from Joanns.  But I like this print a whole lot, anyway. :)

I took these photos at a local park and while we were there, we spotted a few deer.  The girls were mesmerized by them and Iris kept calling them 'reindeer'.  "You can fly back to Santa soon," she'd say.

I liked this pattern so much that I immediately made another Mori dress for Tia.  I attempted to take photos of both of the girls together in their new dresses.  However, I was shooting in full sun, something I don't do often, and I somehow missed focus on almost every single photo of Tia.    That was a bummer because the girls were so cute together, too!

I'm looking forward to sharing her dress soon.


  1. It looks so breezy and fun to wear. I especially like the color you chose for the back tie ribbon; it is a bit unexpected and yet perfect.

  2. So beautiful. I love patterns that allow you to use a feature yoke or panel. Lovely photos, too - and I'm a bit jealous that you can just wander out and see some deer. All we get around here is possums!

  3. Gorgeous Rachel! I think your Mori is my all time favorite...

  4. This dress is gorgeous! I haven't made any clothing from the gauze yet but I want to! I've always been afraid it would be too thin. Did you have to line it?

  5. Love love love this dress. I can't believe how grown up Iris is looking too.

  6. The dress is stunning! It looks so airy. Love it. Such magical photos! Looking forward to a post about Tia's dress :)

  7. Ah these photos, so beautiful! Love the dress too. The fabric on that yoke is just perfect. Thanks for the Mori inspiration!!

  8. Good to know you have a photography blunder ever now and then too! Your photos are always so stunning! I'm so impressed that these were in full sun. You have an amazing eye for light. I love the dress combination too. The colors are fantastic on Iris.

  9. Gorgeous!!! I totally fell for this pattern when I first saw it - I haven't made it yet, but I just love the 70s vibe, flounce sleeves, and no closures! So classic and pretty. I absolutely ADORE this version, Rachel, I think you were final nail in the coffin and I bought the pattern a few minutes after I saw this in your IG feed! Ha! Enabler! The color is divine and I love the contrast yoke. It is even prettier on Iris, and in a meadow with a deer? YOU ARE KILLING ME! Straight out of a children's book! I share the slight relief others have expressed at finding out that you have bad photography shoots sometimes -I mean, of course I knew that, but it's still good to hear! Because your photos are really out-of-this-world (truly, sometimes otherworldly) beautiful.

  10. So I am pretty sure you have inspired us to get chickens. Silkie Bantams and Easter Eggers to be exact. I know you have a super handy husband, so you may tell me that he built your coop and run. But I am curious. How big is your coop and run? Did you buy or build? Do you free range your chickens or do they stay in the run most of the time? If you free range, is it every day? We want to be responsible chicken parents and I am just so curious how others do it.

    1. We bought ours online but we are going to build a new one. The one we have is very hard to clean. And we bought it thinking we would have 3-4 chickens and now we have 7! So it's a bit small (ok for now since they are not full grown.) Be sure to bury hardware cloth around the sides and underneath so that an animal (predator) cannot dig underneath and get your chickens at night. We had an animal try to dig into our coop just last night! Poor chickens must have been so scared!

      My husband is building a new coop from plans he found online. We keep them in the run part of the day and let them free range part of the day. We also have a dog, so we want him to get backyard time too when the chickens are in the run. We have had two chicks taken by hawks :0 which was pretty devastating and why we built the run. But now that it's summer and we've had lots of rain, our yard is lush and they mostly stay under bushes where they are covered. The hawk incidents occurred during the winter months when the leaves were off of the bushes and the chickens were more visible. Prior to that we had never had a problem with hawks. :)

      You might want to try several different breeds of chickens - then you will have a colorful basket of eggs, too. We have a blue cochin which is so far our most docile, we have a buff orpington and our previous buff was as friendly as a puppy! We also have a cuckoo maran and then the easter egger and silkies. :)


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