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Of Poppies and Poses

It's a good thing I love to sew dresses

because I have two girls who love to wear them.

When school shopping for Indigo, I asked, how about some shorts?

She responded, I don't really care for shorts, Mom.

And maybe that comes as no surprise from a girl who's so nurturing and down-to-earth... but loves to pose like this.

And this.

I have no idea where she gets that, but she's been doing it for a long time.

You'd better believe when one of my girls gets a dress the other wants one, too.

Oh yes, even Stephen.

So I sewed up another linen A line, using this lovely pattern.  (Oh, how I love this pattern.   The instructions are clear, the construction of this dress is a breeze and the price is right!)

This time I appliqued it with the Orla Kiely inspired poppy and tulip template from my handstitched class.

 And it seemed just about right for our girl who likes to take some time alone to watch the sunset.

Yes, yes it did.


  1. It's gorgeous!
    My almost 4 year old daugther also loves to pose, sometimes she makes such weird poses that I have no idea where does she gets them from!

    Lovely dress, lovely girl, lovely pictures!

    Thank you!

  2. Such a cute dress (I remember when my Mom made me one like that in the 60's!) and such a cute girly girl.

  3. Super cute! My daughter will ONLY wear dresses these days; not even skirts! This is so pretty, love your "simple with a bit of flair" style.

  4. so pretty! love the mod flowers, and made in such great colors! This is a stunning dress!

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words, ladies.

    Kristin, Oh yes, been there. let me tell you what NOT to do. Don't go to the thrift store and buy those silky-looking but actually polyester dresses that look like they'd be flower girl or fancy holiday dresses so she can play dress up with them. Unless, that is, you want to run errands with a girl wearing a satin dress, with a contrasting sash with fake flower on it - and a gem inside the fake flower (of course) and multiple layers of tulle underneath. Not like I know from experience or anything. ;)

  6. I really LOVE this post, and wish I had a little girl to sew for. My son is 19 and all the babies are back east, but I still make quilts for them! You're a lucky lucky (creative) Mom. : ) Also love how you incorporated the flower from class!

  7. It's beautiful! So well done and my favorite that I've seen for a girl in awhile! For sure!

  8. Lily, thank you so much for the sweet words. Yes, sewing for little girls is so much fun. You are so talented and creative - you should give it a whirl and make some little girl's day (and their mom's too!). :)

  9. what a crack up! those poses are terrific! cute cute cute dress!

  10. Another beautiful girl! Her poses are great, especially the one looking up at the flower. Oh, I don't know those angular arms are pretty cool... The poppy and posies look so pretty on your dress. Perfectly posed petals =)

  11. Speaking of model-ly... Awesome pictures. That girl cracks me up. Your kids' personalities must make life at the Kovac house really fun. ;-)

  12. Gorgeous dress! Gorgeous girl! Love the applique, it turned out just smashing.

  13. WOW!! These two dresses for the girls are beautiful!!! Just love them!


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